400 Abbey Road
Belington , WV 26250


The Tygart Valley Regional Jail is located seven miles west of Elkins , West Virginia , and formally opened in June 2005. The facility is designed for a capacity of three hundred inmates, and is comprised of the counties of Barbour, Preston, Pocahontas, Randolph , Taylor , Tucker and Upshur.

The facility houses both male and female inmates in segregated sections. Each housing unit, “pod”, of the jail is divided into eight sections of eight and sixteen beds to accommodate variable housing assignment related to the inmate population's pre-trial or sentenced status, security classification or gender. Each section has a day room, and each pod includes two secure outdoor recreation areas with a security wire-mesh cover.


Pursuant to WV Code §17-15-4, inmates who are sentenced to the facility serve the community in a variety of work programs inside as well as outside of the jails. Substance abuse counseling and Adult Basic Education programs are available to the inmates. Chaplains make full use of the jail chapel on a voluntary basis on Sunday as well as several week nights. A clinical psychologist is contracted to serve the facility population as are medical doctors and food service workers. Counselors are on staff for entry and follow-up counseling.


The Tygart Valley Regional Jail takes full advantage of teleconferencing for court hearings. This project has proven itself to reduce transportation dramatically, thus saving both monetary and potential public safety costs.


The facility has a gymnasium which not only serves as an indoor recreation are but also serves as a staging area or emergency holding area. Separate interior spaces are provided for attorney/client vists, contact and non-contact visits, an up-to-date law library, a reading library, classrooms and barber shop.


The jail is located in the beautiful mountains of the Tygart Valley region of West Virginia , and there are several state parks as well as numerous campgrounds located within driving distance of the facility. Fishing, hunting, skiing, golfing, horseback riding, and backpacking are only a few of the outdoor adventures offered in this area.